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you're right....i guess i'm over-analyzing :-)

IOError raised during req.write means you had a problem writing, plain and
simple.  and if you had a problem writing, your python code should handle it

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On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:00:39 -0800, Naris Siamwalla <naris at ensim.com> wrote:
> catching the IOError exception is fine, but can i assume for -*all*-
> exceptions thrown when i req.write was because of a stop/reload?  could an
> IOError be thrown for other reasons (e.g. apache itself causing mod_python
> to throw the IOError exception) ?  if there are no other reaons, then i
> guess it's safe to write a try block that assumes so.

Gregory would better be able to answer that than me.  
I'm just a mod_python user...

However, IMHO, even if the IOError error happens inside of apache or
for some other reason, it means you lost the connection to the browser and
therefore that you won't be able to send a response to the user.
In that case you probably should abort whatever the user requested
since s/he will probably assume it didn't work since no page got sent
back.  Or am I missing the point?


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