[mod_python] mod_python/publisher/solaris truncation problems

Joost Yervante Damad joost.damad at siemens.atea.be
Wed Feb 21 10:23:46 EST 2001


A while ago I send a mail reporting a bug stating that
cgi attribute/value pairs get truncated in our Solaris 2.6
apachessl with latest mod_python, when xxx=yyy total
length smaller then 8 bytes.

It seems to be related to the python/C interfacing...
and it also looks like a 32bit/64bit alike problem.
Anyway, we (I and a colleage) found the following workaround,
basically eliminating some of the Python/C interface calls
from the function "parse_qsl" in

Note that this seems to be a Solaris only problem since
we did not have it on Linux.

Attached is a modified _apachemodule.c with a
working, but probably not the best...fix.
But at least it works for us, and we don't need the

Any thoughts on this?


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