[mod_python] Can't locate API module structure `mod_python'

Christian VERGNAUD Christian.Vergnaud at hcuge.ch
Tue Feb 20 18:33:02 EST 2001

I get the following message when I start httpd :
Can't locate API module structure `mod_python' in file /home/Impact/orbix/apache/libexec/mod_python.so: ld.so.1: /home/Impact/orbix/apache/bin/httpd: fatal: mod_python: can't find symbol

OS vesrion: SunOS 5.6, python2.0, Apache 1.3.17, mod_python 2.7.2

I don't know if it's related or not but when installing mod_python, I had to force the library libgcc.a in the Makefile of the src directory in order to avoid unsatisfied entry points (__eprintf for instance) problems.

I'm now stuck and have no idea of what to do. Can someone help?


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