[mod_python] Python 2.1.1 and apache 1.3.22

Brian Akey bakey at traq.com
Thu Dec 27 13:58:18 EST 2001

I have found that mod_python compiles better if you
do ./configure --with-apache=../apache
make static
make install_static
cd apache
./configure   --activate-module=src/modules/python/libpython.a
make install

I don't use the --with-python
I make sure the python without-threads is in the path (/usr/bin/python)
I have not had good luck with the --with-python
Also if you want to use python with threads just mv your old python and use
ln -s to the one that mod_python needs. After you compile apache mv or ln -s
the old python back.

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Dear experts
  I have compiled  Python-2.1.1 with  "--without-threads" option....
  (then make and make install)

 I have compiled  mod_python_2.7.6 with options :
 --with-apache=../apache_1.3.22  --with-python
 (then make and make install)

I have compiled  apache_1.3.22 with the following options:
  ./configure   --activate-module=src/modules/python/libpython.a
and then, when I do "make" ... I get the following compiling errors:

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