[mod_python] Problems using Postgres 7.1 from mod_python

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Tue Aug 21 11:22:29 EST 2001

Jørgen Frøjk Kjærsgaard wrote:

> Hmm.. If I understand things correctly (I'm new to mod_python) mod_python
> requires that Python is built without thread support, whereas psycopg
> requires a Python interpreter with threads. Is it possible for psycopg and
> mod_python to work together?

Well, Apache 1.3.x does not support threads, and the mod_python code therefor
dont work with threads, at least as expected :-)

I'm not an expert on using mod_python, but this is how I see it :-)

On some platforms this thread support need to be disabled (solaris ?), but on
the Linux platform its not.


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