[mod_python] How is the Python version selected?

John Pallister john at synchromesh.com
Fri Aug 10 11:29:29 EST 2001


My system is Debian potato-based ('ray that package
dependency checking), and by and large sticking to Debian
packages wherever possible works very well for me.

I've installed python-* and python2-* packages, and now
/usr/bin/python gives me Python 1.5.2, and mod_python sees
Python 2.0.1.

I presume this is because the mod_python in
libapache-mod-python was linked against the Python in
python2-base. So there's no point in installing (say)
ActivePython's 2.1.1 .deb. I guess I should really build
Python 2.1.1, mod_python and Apache-SSL altogether from the
sources. This would also mean that I could also compile up
PygreSQL and/or PoPy, such that they actually work from

Can anyone comment on this summary, before I spend several
hours on this (and give up the advantages of the packages)?

And does anyone have an opinion on the ActiveState Python


John :^P
John Pallister
john at synchromesh.com

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