[mod_python] Some questions

riesch at nieuw.nl riesch at nieuw.nl
Wed Aug 1 13:03:02 EST 2001

Hi all

I'm dubbing with some questions.

Is there a way to detect whether a user supports cookies, or is that only possible by setting a cookie and not recieving?

I have some central files, which are to be used by multiple sites, where every site defines its own handler for python. Now in those central files I've defined a class which should be known throughout a site (not the other sites !). In my ultimate laziness, I've defined the instance as follows:

# start of Application.py

class Application:
# end of class definition

global app
app = Application()

# end of Application.py

Every site imports this file. Now I'm not sure whether every site now has the same instance, or if every site has a different instance. I'm geussing every site has another instance, since it defines its own handler and  should be run as a separate program, but I don't know how mod-python handles this.

Any suggestions?


All-right for the patch. I'm definetly gonna use that!

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