[mod_python] Fancy Shmancy Exception Output

Chris Hagner CHagner at fool.com
Mon Apr 23 23:23:28 EST 2001

Hey gang,

There's a utility called pydoc that's in the new python 2.1 release...
anyway, the author of it wrote a really snazzy error handling page for cgi
scripts (called cgitb)... check out the output and see if you find it

Here's a sample cgitb output page...

Here's where you can get the module for it...

Okay, except for the nasty colors, I'd love to see something closer to this
in the standard mod_python error handler(apache.py).  I guess the most
flexible way would be to have a PythonErrorModule directive and allow each
person to override the default error display with their own module (in this
case, the cgitb module).  The key is that this functionality would only
really be appropriate for a development environment...



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