[mod_python] RE: PHP is to Zend as ModPython is to ???

Brett Haydon bbhaydon at bigpond.com
Mon Apr 23 14:47:02 EST 2001

>>I'm not sure exactly what you mean by zend here?

Ok, maybe I was a little vague. Ignoring Zend the PHP
engine for a second, most of what Zend the site is about
is promoting peripheral code and applications that build
upon or are built using PHP.

The PHP site itself is narrowly focused on PHP the language
much like the modpython site is about modpython not 
modpython solutions.

I personally think modpython needs a community site to give
it a higher exposure. Modpython promotes a different style
of development from say PHP, asp, etc, which needs a change
of thinking to see it's advantages, and lots of example 

>>Whats wrong with a real database? I think you'll run into
far fewer concurrency issues using a database vs. ZODB.

I confess to having no idea on this. ZODB seemed a simpler
way to store objects, but maybe some benchmarking will be
prudent first..


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