[mod_python] apache processes are getting large memory footprint

Marc Fiuczynski marcf at becomm.com
Fri Apr 6 18:17:41 EST 2001


I am using mod_python to serve up large files from the server to the client.
I have noticed that the memory footprint of httpd gets rather large and
stays that way.  Can someone give me a hint how to start figuring out which
parts are holding on to that amount of memory.  Right now I have no clue
whether it is httpd, mod_python, or my python programs.  Is there a way to
figure out what the python memory profile is, or python GC stats?


ps., my configuration is as follows:
*python module is being invoked via mod_python's
 publisher interface.
*mod_python 2.7.2
*python 2.0
*apache 1.3.14
*Red Hat Linux 7.0

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