[mod_python] Passing data across handlers

Rich Salz rsalz at caveosystems.com
Mon Sep 11 09:39:22 EST 2000

> What I'd like to know is - how likely really is it that someone would be
> passing anything more complex than a couple of flags between handlers?

Well, we need it. :)

All sorts of authen state, for example: client certificate, database
cursor for their account, etc.

Yes, we could stringify everything and put it in the request table, but
that's too inefficient (and sometimes not feasible or possible).  Should
I really have to call "pickle" every time I want to keep state within a
single request?

I don't fully understand how mod_python does sub-interpreters; I'll have
to reread the docs.  It never occured to me that there could/would be
different interps for each handler.  I suggest that the docs make it
more clear that the handlers are "stateless".

For us, the cleanest thing is one interp/request, with no state kept
across requests.  That seems most like the "classic" apache processing

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