[mod_python] 2.5 is out

Gregory Trubetskoy grisha at modpython.org
Tue Sep 5 09:13:03 EST 2000

Hello - 

You can now download the 2.5 version release. I will follow up on
comp.lang.python and on freshmeat about this once we have the Windows
version working and the RH RPM.

New in this release:

* PythonEnablePdb directive. Allows running handlers through the Python

* Dynamic handler registration (req.add_handler()). Allows additional
  handlers to be added dynamically.

* Table object now supports multiple keys via the add() method.

* req.read() function now returns all the data there is and obeys by the
  Apache Timout directive (as it should).

* New handler PythonInitHandler.

* New PythonInterpPerServer directive. This adds another sub-interpreter
  policy - a sub intepreter per virtual server.

* req.register_cleanup() and PythonCleanupHandler directives. Useful to
  make sure that all files and database connections are closed properly.

* many bugs fixed. (but perhaps many new introduced!)


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