[mod_python] Internal Server Error- win32 ver

Enrique Vaamonde evaamo at loquesea.com
Sat Sep 2 18:13:20 EST 2000

Hey all,
I just got it working...I had unzipped the tarball
and the files landed where they shouldn't.
It didnt matter much to me anyway because I thought the dll
would suffice...wrong assumption tho'.
Thank you all...

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Hey guys,
I'm new to Python/mod_python
and I've been trying to make it work with Apache (1.3.12)
in windows.
I have tried many of the different configurations posted to this list in the
but somehow I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error.
I've been looking for instructions/tutorial on how to configure mod_python
and Apache
using win32 but no luck, so I'm recurring to you...
Please help !!

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