[mod_python] ANNOUNCE: PyWX version 0.6

Michael Haggerty mhagger at alum.mit.edu
Fri Sep 1 17:30:54 EST 2000

[I hope people aren't offended that I post this announcement here.  I
figure that there is enough overlap that this might be interesting to
some mod_python subscribers.  Also there is some potential for
cross-pollination between our two projects. --MRH]

I am pleased to announce the release of PyWX version 0.6.  This is an
alpha release but is fairly stable and is being used in several
development environments.

PyWX can be retrieved from SourceForge,


The PyWX homepage is


What is PyWX?

PyWX is a Python module for AOLserver.

AOLserver is a free, open-source, enterprise-class, multi-threaded web
server whose performance on dynamic content is reputed to beat Apache.
It is used at many large web sites including AOL and ArsDigita.  It
includes an internal database API that allows persistent database

Python is a clean, object-oriented scripting language with excellent
support for complicated data structures and great libraries for web

PyWX embeds a Python interpreter into AOLserver, allowing threaded
execution of Python scripts--even CGI scripts--within the server
process.  It also allows the Python script to access almost all of
AOLserver's internal API via a C extension module.  PyWX supports many
other features, including

 + Full access to AOLserver's Tcl interpreter from Python, and vice versa.
 + Access to AOLserver's persistent database mechanism.
 + Optional compiled-script caching.
 + Threaded execution of CGI scripts within emulated CGI environment.
 + Cross-connection data-persistence.
 + An internal Webware adaptor.

What's new in version 0.6?

 + SWIG-assisted wrapping of AOLserver's C API functions.  Almost all
   of AOLserver's facilities are available to Python scripts, wrapped
   in an object-oriented fashion.
 + More of PyWX itself is written in Python.
 + Much-improved documentation.
 + Significant cleanup, bug fixes, and plugging of memory leaks.
 + Improved example scripts.

Version 0.6 is fairly stable and is being used in several development
environments, although there are still some problems under heavy
loads.  As a rough measure of the performance, PyWX can deliver a
trivial Python script at about 230 pages per second on a
single-processor Pentium 3/500MHz under Linux.

Please check out our home page at


for more information on PyWX, including mailing lists, development
archives, and several example pages.  You may also be interested in:

        http://www.aolserver.com       -- AOLserver
        http://www.python.org          -- the Python programming language
        http://webware.sourceforge.net -- Webware toolkit

Michael Haggerty
mhagger at alum.mit.edu

Michael Haggerty
mhagger at alum.mit.edu

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