[mod_python] Output from C functions

Alexis Iglauer aiglauer at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 00:40:46 EST 2000

> I think your problem is thinking in terms of CGI. If
> you are after speed,
> then CGI is hardly the answer anyway. If I were you,
> I would start getting
> confortable with the idea of abandoning the cute CGI
> printf way of
> outputting things. ;-)

I know, I know - and I am busy writing another app by
implementing my own handler, but after reading the
above sentence I am now no longer sure that I am doing
the right thing there.  I am essentially creating my
webpage dynamically by doing a whole bunch of
req.write('<Stick HTML in here>') calls.  Is this
efficient, and if not, what is?

My calculation app will be rewritten as a handler
sometime soon, but I think I will still have the same
problem - how do I output to the web client (or find
another way to keep the web client's attention) from
inside my speed-optimised C loop?

> HTH -

Grisha,  if MS help were 1% as effective as yours,
Linux wouldn't be where it is today.


> Grisha

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