[mod_python] Apache configuration

Ben Leslie benno at sesgroup.net
Fri Oct 13 09:17:07 EST 2000

Hi Ragnar!

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Ragnar Kjørstad wrote:

> Hi
> The tutorial explains how to set up Apache to run myscript.py to handle
> all requests to .py URL's, and points out that it does not actually use
> the URL.
> However, it does not explain how to configure Apache to run the files
> themselves!?

Well that is up to your request_handler and what you actually want it to do.

If you want to use traditional cgi-like python scripts then you probably should
use the cgihandler.py as your request_handler. However there is often processing
that you wish to occur with each requst, this is where you would write you
own request_handler. You are able to get access to the uri passed by using the 
req.uri variable.

Hope that helps,


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