[mod_python] Problem with req.connection.user being readonly...

Miguel Marques miguel at yorku.ca
Wed Nov 29 17:53:24 EST 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:22:48 -0500 (EST), Gregory Trubetskoy <grisha at modpython.org> wrote:
> I'll see about making it read/write in the next release.
But, I was hoping you would say that you did that yesterday and I
should get mod_python from CVS.  ;-)

I needed to get this to work by tommorow so here's a diff in case it
might be useful to you.  Seems to work and not crash anything.
I just added it as method of the request object.

begin 660 user.diff
M*BHJ(')E<75E<W1O8FIE8W0N8PDR,# P+S$Q+S(Y(#(Q.C,Y.C,Q"3$N,0HM
M+2T@<F5Q=65S=&]B:F5C="YC"3(P,# O,3$O,CD@,C(Z,#$Z,#$**BHJ*BHJ
M*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ"BHJ*B V,S$L-C,V("HJ*BH*+2TM(#8S,2PV-3, at +2TM+0H@
M( H@('T*(" **R O*@HK(" J(')E<75E<W0N<V5T7V-O;FYE8W1I;VY?=7-E
M<BAR97%U97-T('-E;&8L('-T<FEN9R!U<V5R*0HK(" J"BL@("H@(" @($%L
M('!A<F%M971E<@HK(" J+PHK('-T871I8R!0>4]B:F5C=" J<F5Q7W-E=%]C
M;VYN96-T:6]N7W5S97(H<F5Q=65S=&]B:F5C=" J<V5L9BP at 4'E/8FIE8W0@
M*F%R9W,I"BL@>PHK(" @("!C:&%R("IT:&5U<V5R.PHK( HK(" @("!I9B H
M(2!0>4%R9U]087)S951U<&QE*&%R9W,L(")S(BP@)G1H975S97(I*2 **R @
M(" @(" @(')E='5R;B!.54Q,.PHK(" @(" **R @(" @<V5L9BT^<F5Q=65S
M<75E<W1?<F5C+3YP;V]L+"!T:&5U<V5R*3L**R @(" @4'E?24Y#4D5&*%!Y
M7TYO;F4I.PHK(" @("!R971U<FX at 4'E?3F]N93L**R!]"BL@"B @<W1A=&EC
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M*BH**BHJ(#8T-BPV-3$@*BHJ*@HM+2T at -C8S+#8V.2 M+2TM"B @(" @('LB
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M<V5R+" @34542%]605)!4D=3?2P*(" @(" @>R!.54Q,+"!.54Q,('T at +RH@
4<V5N=&EN96P@*B\*("!].PH@( H*

Take care.


C. Miguel Marques, York University, Computing & Network Services
e-mail: miguel at yorku.ca, voice: (416)736-2100x22684, fax: (416)736-5830

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