[mod_python] Corrupt win32 build

GerhardHäring haering_python at gmx.de
Sat Nov 11 06:32:27 EST 2000

Sorry, I was a fool. It was most probably my Netscape browser's fault that
I  got invalid binaries after downloading. I used wget and the download
worked. I installed mod_python and the test module described in the Win32
install page. Then I wanted to see how it was stability-wise.

/usr/sbin/ab -n 10000 http://lilith/python/test.py

worked fine, while the stress test with 5 parallel requests

/usr/sbin/ab -c 5 -n 10000 http://lilith/python/test.py

crashes Apache in the mod_python module several times. I have Windows
2000,  on a SMP machine, Apache 1.3.12 and ActiveState Python 2.0. Seems like a
threading issue to me ...


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