[mod_python] apache reload wont't work with DSO mod_python

Riku Voipio riku.voipio at tietoenator.com
Tue May 23 16:11:47 EST 2000

/etc/init.d/apache reload crashes if mod_python is loaded.
Another anomility noted is, that apache wont start, if the last 
loaded module is mod_python.

Elsewell it is running smoothly.

Running Debian potato apt-get up-to-date today. 

and as for last, 
Here's a patch to fix a type on install.html

--- installation.html.old       Tue May 23 16:01:31 2000
+++ installation.html   Tue May 23 16:05:27 2000
@@ -177,8 +177,8 @@
      standard Debian Python development package installed]
     1. cd src/modules/extra
-    2. axps -I /usr/local/include/python1.5 -c mod_python.c \
-            /usr/local/lib/python1.5/config/libpython1.5.a -lpthread
+    2. apxs -I /usr/include/python1.5 -c mod_python.c \
+            /usr/lib/python1.5/config/libpython1.5.a -lpthread
       (You don't nead -lpthread if your Python is compiled without threads)

Riku Voipio
riku.voipio at tietoenator.com
09-862 60764

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