[mod_python] problem using regular expressions in CGI scripts

Ralf Canis ralf at silicon.org
Thu May 18 14:59:53 EST 2000

On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 02:39:46PM +0300, Erno Kuusela wrote:

Hello Erno,

> i haven't even installed mod_python yet, but a debugging idea
> came to mind...
> if you compile your regular expressions, they will have a .pattern
> attribute that contains your regexp. it seem to me something
> in mod_python may be munging/interpreting \-escapes, so if
> you print the pattern out and it looks different from the
> one you put in, you might be closer to figuring out what
> is going on..

Yes, I thought so, too. Therefor I modified re.py in lib/python1.5
at line 79 (re.compile) to print the pattern right before calling
pcre_compile - it's the pattern I call it with :(
Regarding this, I guess the problem is in prce_compile, but I did
not investigate this further.


Ralf Canis            ralf at silicon.org
Germany               canis at bigfoot.com

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