[mod_python] test doesn't work (solved?)

Dave dwallace at delanet.com
Sun Jun 25 19:34:45 EST 2000

Gregory Trubetskoy wrote:

> > Maybe a directive to append paths to the default PYTHONPATH would
> > be in order?
> It _could_ be done, but it went against my principle to keep it simple, so
> I decided to save for it later since I had more important features to
> roll out.

Right-on, works for me!

> > BTW, the nice thing about using Location is the fact that for the
> > particular application I'm using there is only a single handler and all
> > content is delivered through that handler by the application. Having to
> > specify a Directory just doesn't seem quite right.
> Not sure I understand this completely - could you elaborate a bit?

Webware is a application server (in development) that does Servlets and
Server Pages in Python so what it really wants is a path into its servlet
directory so it can find the source, generate the content and send it back
through the handler. For now the mod_python handler is just a proxy that
marshals some data from the request,sends it to the application server via a
socket, and relays the response back to Apache. If I were using Directory I'd
have to make a physical directory somwhere just to contain the handler and
nothing else or I suppose I could put the handler in my servlet directory but
it just doesn''t seem to belong there. Using Location I can place the handler
with the other application server source files. That just seems cleaner for
Of course, this is all making me think of what will happen when I want to put
server pages alongside static html and have the right thing happen when .html
or .psp (server pages) are called for, but I suppose there is some way to
coerce Apache into doing that.


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