[mod_python] DSO compile

Jeff jam at quark.emich.edu
Sat Jun 24 13:01:18 EST 2000

On Sat, Jun 24, 2000 at 12:22:18PM -0400, hUnTeR wrote:
> Dear list readers - 
> OK, i got around the previously emailed problem - the ctsybase module
> was giving me the errors on start up. So i had to rebuild python from
> scratch again without the ctsybase module support. However now when i
> rebuild mod_python and go to restart apache it doesnt startup and gives
> me "httpd dead but subsys locked"
> Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

apache is core dumping. 

I had this problem with an older version of mod_python, and solved it by
putting the "AddModule" and "LoadModule" directives in specific locations in
the httpd.conf file.

I noticed, though, that the 2.4 version *does not* work with this solution.

as a start to the troubleshooting, could you post the specific parameters to
apxs that you used? it would also be useful to know the exact apache
configuration you have for comparison.

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