[mod_python] AttributeError: handler

Mads Kiilerich Mads at Kiilerich.com
Tue Jun 13 10:06:12 EST 2000

Jun 5 I got mail from Gregory Trubetskoy:

> Everyone who reported this problem so far found later on that they had
> extra blanks in their test.py because they cut and pasted from the web
> page.

That makes me a speciel case. I found the solution to my problem
- and the problem wasn't spaces. 

The problem was that the PythonHandler I had specified wasn't in
the same directory as the directive was given in - thus the
handler couldn't be found.  I found this behaviour very
confusing - but now when I know it it starts to make sense! ;)

Correcting the path solved the problem. Another solution was to
add the PythonInterpPerDirectory directive.


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