[mod_python] Another threading issue: chdir

Stéphane Bidoul sbi at acse.be
Thu Jun 8 17:28:31 EST 2000

Hi again,

Obviously, chdir is not thread-safe
(I discovered the problem by running different 
handlers in different directories)

It's ok with the one performed in cgihandler,
since cgi must run single-threaded anyway.

I wonder if the one in mod_python.c is really necessary?
Maybe apache.import_module() could add the directory to
pythonpath before doing the import instead of adding '.'.
Oh, and now that I write it, changing python path is 
not thread-safe either: can we do the import without
changing pythonpath at all? If not, another lock 
will be required to protect that...

There is also a chdir in the httpdapi handler
but I've no idea about that one.

Well, I hope the end of the threading tunnel is in sight...

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