AW: [mod_python] undefined symbol: stat

Denys Bogatz db at
Mon Jul 24 18:32:06 EST 2000


I tried to find the lib with:
ar -x /usr/local/lib/.../libgcc.a stat.o
...but I haven't found it! :-(

As I wrote I'm kindly new on Linux, so I've got no idea where to search for

Bye, Denys!
(I may try to solve the problem by building my own version of python (still
using the version supplied by SuSE6.2) - maybe that will work!?)

>You're missing a library of some kind when you're linking. I'm not sure
>where stat lives, but you may want to check what libraries apache and
>python are linked against.
>  Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy
>       grisha at

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