[mod_python] multiple headers (cookies) are not sent

Roman Vanicek vanicek at brailcom.cz
Mon Jul 24 10:27:56 EST 2000

Hi all,

I have a problem with mod_python: when I use cgihandler and I try to
send one cookie to the user, it works fine. But if I send several
cookies (which is legal according to cookie spec), just one of them (the
last one) is sent. When I do the same thing with regular python CGI
script, all the cookies are sent all right.

I have tried to track down the problem, I even played with my own python
handlers and it seems to me, that req.headers_out simply don't support
the notion of multiple headers. This is the dictionary and there can be
only one record per key (ie. one Set-Cookie header in this case) and the
value can be string only (it can't be the sequence of strings which
would maybe solve the problem).

What do you think about it?
Any help is appreciated, Roman Vanicek

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