[mod_python] Swig, and mod_ssl

rsalz at CaveoSystems.com rsalz at CaveoSystems.com
Sun Jul 16 22:23:41 EST 2000

Thanks, I'll check out mod_snake. (What's its relationship to mod_python,
and where can I find it?  I know, I should just check the archives since
that discussion just happened.)

SWIG seems pretty easy to get running on most platforms -- it should
generally be almost as simple to build as python.  I think it would
be worth the trouble. I think about half of mod_python.c, or over 1000
lines, could be removed -- SWIG could read httpd.h (et al) and
generate the C code for the "request" object (and the others)
automatically.  I'd suggest you give it a look-see.

As for SSL, I'm not sure.  Certainly I want to get the client cert.
I have to rummage more through mod_ssl, first.

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