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Sun Jul 9 09:19:04 EST 2000

* $ from grisha at modpython.org at "12-Jul: 1:46pm" | sed "1,$s/^/* /" 
* Based on what I've seen in the newsgroups and the e-mails that I often
* get, there seems to be a strong interest in html-embedded Python, in fact,
* from what I gather, some people went through the trouble of downloading
* and installing mod_python with that expectation only to find out that it
* does no such thing.
* I personally think it would be extremely nice if mod_python came bundled
* with a (reliable and usable) handler that processed Python embedded within
* HTML. There a couple of questions that I have about it though -
* 1. First - is there really a great need for embedded Python? Are a lot of
* people using PMZ and similar things and want them to work with mod_python?
* 2. Would this be something that is more desired than other fancy things
* like dynamic handler registration and a deeper integration with apache
* api? In other words, would you rather have a cool embedded Python thing
* than the ability to create your own Apache configuration directives?
* 3. Should embedded Python be a project of its own, or would it be
* appropriate to include it in the scope of mod_python?

I think it belongs in mod_python, I see a sort of spectrum, at one end
you have an HTML file that has a few lines of Python to replace a SSI,
at the other full python programs that happen to spit out HTML. However,
you could argue that for the HTML case, the startup time for an external
intrepreter would be even more excessive than a large python application.

I could also see how it could be useful to be able to have different
handlers in the embedded code (say to display different information
depending on whether you have authenticated yourself). But this okay to
leave until version n+1. :-)

Is it possible to have multiple (completely distinct) apps in the same
directory ?

I'm biased, I'm just an average engineer, someone who'd rather write
code to spit out HTML, than HTML :-)

*   Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy
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