[mod_python] rpm-packaging and DESTDIR

Mads Kiilerich Mads at Kiilerich.com
Thu Dec 28 20:36:33 EST 2000

Today I got mail from Gregory Trubetskoy:

> > It should either be fixed or removed from the documentation.
> I don't think it is in the documentation.

It is in ./configure --help IIRC.

> > For RPM packaging installation in another directory than the one
> > compiled for is essential. Thus I suggest the attached patch. It
> > causes any installation to be done below $DESTDIR . If no
> > DESTDIR is defined in the environment it has no effect.
> Antonio Navarro Navarro <hostmaster at bemarnet.es> has volunteered to create
> RPM's, check with him. 

OK. But the patch I sent (or some kind of working --prefix) is
very usefull for any kind of packaging and non-root-compilation.
Thus I still suggest the patch.

> As far as I know, Debian already has a mod_python package that they
> maintain under their CVS, FreeBSD has a mod_python port that is maintained
> in the FreeBSD ports CVS. RPM support initiative should come from RedHat
> if they find mod_python useful. Until that day, I'm willing to support a
> spec and make RPM's downloadable, but I don't want RPM support to be part
> of mod_python.

OK. But IMHO: In order to make sure that cvs-mod_python works
under any OS the compilation and packaging for them should be
supplied in the cvs/tar. You do use configure scripts for a
reason, right? 

That's my opinion - and as it is TheRightOne you should have the
same! ;)

Roger and over,

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