[mod_python] Problems loading mod_python 2.7

Peter Giannopoulos Peter.GIANNOPOULOS at gemplus.com
Mon Dec 18 12:27:20 EST 2000

I am having a hard time with mod_python 2.7:

Building and installing works fine but when  I try to start apache (1.3.14)
on RedHat 7.0 and get the following message:

" Cannot load /usr/local/apache/libexec/mod_python.so into server: undefined
symbol: PyEval_RestoreTread "

The reason I am using 2.7 is because I don't want to write a handler for
EVERY .py file in my webapp. Is there a way to do this with 2.6.4 (loads and
works just fine on the same machine)? Or does anyone know how to fix the
above mentioned error?


Peter Giannopoulos, Software Developer
Gemplus Software,   Advanced Projects Group

Phone: +15147322434
Fax:   +15147322401
Gemplus Card International

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