[mod_python] Small sugestion

Damjan arhiv at freemail.org.mk
Fri Dec 8 19:54:16 EST 2000

Hi, Grisha.
I've noticed a lot of complaints about that 'make_obcallback...' errors in the
apache log. These are very often problems with the python path.
So I sugest you add the following two lines in make_obcallback:
(Here is a diff against 2.6.3)

--- mod_python.c.bak	Mon Dec  4 10:59:15 2000
+++ mod_python.c	Fri Dec  8 19:47:41 2000
@@ -479,6 +479,8 @@
     if (! ((m = PyImport_ImportModule(MODULENAME)))) {
 	fprintf(stderr, "make_obcallback(): could not import %s.\n", MODULENAME);
+	fprintf(stderr, "make_obcallback(): %s not found in %s.\n", MODULENAME, Py_GetPath());
+	return NULL;
     if (! ((obCallBack = PyObject_CallMethod(m, INITFUNC, NULL)))) {

The 'return NULL;' is for the make_obcallback to return as soon as posible 
(and there's no reason to try and call the method when the module was not
loaded), and the apache log will be cleaner.

Damjan Georgievski		|           Дамјан Георгиевски
Skopje, Macedonia		|           Скопје, Македонија

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