[mod_python] Can't configure under Windows NT and Windows 2000

George Jempty jb4mt at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 14:50:47 EST 2000

When following the Windows installation instructions
for mod_python.py verbatim, I get the same error
message when trying to run test.py, under both NT4 and
Windows 2000.  That message is:

python_handler: make_obcallback returned no

Your help in solving this problem will be appreciated.
 Also I have some comments about the install
instructions at:


that might or might not shed light on my problem.

First of all these instructions only mention 1.52
whereas I'm running Python 2.0; I did however download
the .dll for 2.0 from the home page (NOT the 1.52

Secondly, just to be certain, I downloaded the one and
only .tgz installation from the home page: does this
work for both Windows AND Linux?!

Furthermore, in contradiction to the Windows
installation doc, when I unzip the .tgz file I do NOT
get a "new folder".  Rather I get another .tar file;
extrapolating from the instructions, however, I just
extracted this to my python/lib folder
(C:\Python20\Lib), which resulted in a subfolder under
lib named "mod_python-2.6.3".

Moving on to the Apache Integration section of the
install, I stopped and re-started Apache after each
directive I added, to be certain!  However I do find
the instructions about the ScriptAlias/CGI section of
httpd.conf to be confusing: these aren't necessarily
the same thing.

On the first install (on Windows 2000) I added the
indicated directives to the others for my CGI
directory.  On the subsequent NT install I instead
followed the instructions verbatim, creating a
"python" directory under my document_root "htdocs"
directory.  Regardless, as noted above, I got the same
error message for both installs.

Finally, please note that as a final control I created
a test.py program in my cgi-bin as follows:

#! C:\Python20\python.exe

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"
print "Whatever"

And it ran flawlessly.  So my Apache and Python are
working properly (and I can proceed to develop my
application if solving this problem doesn't happen
overnight ;)

OK, I will look forward to whatever light anybody in
the group can shed on this.  If I'm being an idiot
please be gentle.  On the other hand if any of my
comments are useful I would not mind getting involved
in revising the install docs (PS, the
installation.html that I extracted is not the same as
the installation for windows doc on the website)

Thanks in advance

George Jempty

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