[mod_python] Site redesign

George Jempty jb4mt at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 10:10:09 EST 2000

I just subscribed to this list because I'm having
problems getting mod_python to work on my Windows 2000
system.  I plan on digging a little deeper on my own
first, but in the event I need to come back here I'm
trying to establish some good karma by working on the
site design as requested on the home page.  You can
see what I've come up with at:


It's by no means complete but I think should give an
idea of the possiblities for organizing the site.  And
as for color, at first I thought the plum-colored
banner was too garish, and tried "thistle" instead,
but I'm liking plum more and more!

However, you can see the page with a thistle-colored
banner at:


I'll look forward to everyone's feedback!


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