[mod_python] extended access to conn_rec

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 11:30:18 EST 2000

I've started working with mod_python-2.4.1; good stuff.

I wanted to access the local_addr and remote_addr fields of the 
conn_rec struct but access to the fields is not supported via the 
connection object by mod_python.so

Accordingly I've added some code to mod_python.c to return the 
contents of these fields. The code is a minor variation of functions 
'borrowed' from socketmodule.c in the standard Python 1.5.2 
distribution. The python object returned is the same as that returned 
by the getpeername and getsockname member functions on standard 
socket objects. I would have called functions makeipaddr  and 
makesockaddr in socketmodule.so instead of adding copies to 
mod_python but they are declared as static in socketmodule.c and 
hence are unavailable.

If there is a better way of doing this or anything I've said above is 
rubbish I would appreciate some (polite) feedback. I don't claim any 
particular expertise with C or python extensions so some reader may 
find fault with this stuff. But it works for me so far.

The diff for my changes to mod_python.c follow:

>  /* Other headers */
>  #include <sys/socket.h>
>  static PyObject *
>  mymakeipaddr(struct sockaddr_in *addr)
>  {
>      long x = ntohl(addr->sin_addr.s_addr);
>      char buf[100];
>      sprintf(buf, "%d.%d.%d.%d",
>          (int) (x>>24) & 0xff, (int) (x>>16) & 0xff,
>          (int) (x>> 8) & 0xff, (int) (x>> 0) & 0xff);
>      return PyString_FromString(buf);
>  }
>  static PyObject *
>  mymakesockaddr(struct sockaddr_in *addr)
>  {
>      PyObject *addrobj = mymakeipaddr(addr);
>      PyObject *ret = NULL;
>      if (addrobj) {
>          ret = Py_BuildValue("Oi", addrobj, ntohs(addr->sin_port));
>          Py_DECREF(addrobj);
>      }
>      return ret;
>  }
>      else if (strcmp(name, "local_addr") == 0) {
>  		return mymakesockaddr(&(self->conn->local_addr));
>  	}
>      else if (strcmp(name, "remote_addr") == 0) {
>  		return mymakesockaddr(&(self->conn->remote_addr));
>  	}
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