[mod_python] Swig, and mod_ssl

Rich Salz rsalz at caveosystems.com
Thu Aug 17 15:09:08 EST 2000

Back in mid-July, I wrote rsalz at caveosystems.com wrote:
> Swig (http://www.swig.org) is a "compiler" that can parse most C
> header files and automatically generate code for Perl, Tcl, Python,
> and Java.  At a rough guess, approximately half of mod_python.c could
> be replaced by a couple-dozen lines.  I wonder if it makes sense
> to use SWIG, and for sites without it, include the Swig output.
> (Just like some programs include the output of Yacc, for those without it.)
> Second question, which motivated the first: anyone looked at what
> could/should be added to the mod_python objects when mod_ssl is used?

Here is what I am going to end up doing.  I added a "get_swig_handle"
method that returns the request_rec code into the SWIG representation
of a pointer.  I'll then write little SWIG code to pull things out of
the mod_ssl context.  I'll send get_swig_handle and a sample use if
there's interest.

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