[mod_python] test.py runs even when deleted

James Walker jameswalker at clear.net.nz
Wed Aug 16 12:40:15 EST 2000

I've gotten mod_python (from the RPM) working on my Linux 6.2/Apache 1.3.12 box.
 I've sorted out all the <directory> stuff in httpd.conf and gotten the "Hello
to the ...." appear when accessing test.py or for that matter t.py (yes I understand
the "PythonHandler test" thing (I think)).

Now the issue.  I've deleted test.py and have a helloworld.py which has the
handler defined and which puts out a whole heap of html text.  However I still
get the same "Hello to ..." text from test.py (which is deleted!).  This happens
even after restarting apache and/or then rebooting the machine.

Anyone able to figure that one out?  I'm really looking forward to getting into
Python as I find it heaps easier to read/understand then Perl.  But while CGI
based Python scripts is an option I would prefer mod_python.

Hope somone can help,
James Walker.

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