[mod_python] PythonImport

Daniel Mikkelsen daniel at unity.copyleft.no
Fri Aug 11 21:29:58 EST 2000


I'm having problems with loading modules not located in the global
site-packages directory. 

I want to load a module that opens a connection to a database, and
I want this module to be located in the same directory as the .py
files that will make use of it. 

However, I always get:

  Fri Aug 11 21:16:46 2000] [error] directive_PythonImport: error
  importing open_db_con ImportError: No module named open_db_con

If I copy the module into site-packages, this works. But I don't want
do this, as I expect to have lots of different programs that will 
want to access lots of different databases. 

I've tried using the PythonPath directive, to no avail. I'm using 
mod_python 2.4.1 loaded dynamically with Apache 1.3.9 on OpenBSD 2.6. 

Anything obvious I'm doing wrong?

-- Daniel Mikkelsen, Copyleft Software

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