[mod_python] problem with authen handler

Eduardo Fernandez efernandez at sistelnet.es
Wed Aug 9 08:51:50 EST 2000

Hello everyone:

I whis I had discovered mod_python before. It would have saved me a lot of
headaches in the application I am developing right now. In this app, I
authenticate the users via a regular form in a page, and then keep the
"logged-in" state with cookies.

I want to do it right (TM), and use basic http authentication with

So I set up the documentation example, got the "Hello World!" part to work
and now I am trying to make the authenhandler to work.

I have copied the example as in the documentation and tried to access the
page. I get the user/pw window and fill it, but it alway fails with a 401

I have tried diferent usernames and pws, but it always fails. The apache
logs show the user along with the 401 error, so I think I have the setup
working mostly ok.

Where could be the quirk?

Thanks in advance.
Eduardo Fernández Corrales
eduardo at sistelnet.es
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