4.7.2 Functions

add_cookie( req, cookie[, value, attributes])
This is a convenience function for setting a cookie in request headers. req is a mod_python Request object. If cookie is an instance of Cookie (or subclass thereof), then the cookie is set, otherwise, cookie must be a string, in which case a Cookie is constructed using cookie as name, value as the value, along with any valid Cookie attributes specified as keyword arguments.

This function will also set "Cache-Control: no-cache="set-cookie"" header to inform caches that the cookie value should not be cached.

Here is one way to use this function:

c = Cookie.Cookie('spam', 'eggs', expires=time.time()+300)
Cookie.add_cookie(req, c)
Here is another:
Cookie.add_cookie(req, 'spam', 'eggs', expires=time.time()+300)

get_cookies( req [, Class, data])
This is a convenience function for retrieving cookies from incoming headers. req is a mod_python Request object. Class is a class whose parse() method will be used to parse the cookies, it defaults to Cookie. Data can be any number of keyword arguments which, will be passed to parse() (This is useful for signedCookie and MarshalCookie which require secret as an additional argument to parse).