Filter Methods

pass_on( )
Passes all data through the filter without any processing.

read( [length])
Reads at most len bytes from the next filter, returning a string with the data read or None if End Of Stream (EOS) has been reached. A filter must be closed once the EOS has been encountered.

If the len argument is negative or omitted, reads all data currently available.

readline( [length])
Reads a line from the next filter or up to length bytes.

write( string)
Writes string to the next filter.

flush( )
Flushes the output by sending a FLUSH bucket.

close( )
Closes the filter and sends an EOS bucket. Any further IO operations on this filter will throw an exception.

disable( )
Tells mod_python to ignore the provided handler and just pass the data on. Used internally by mod_python to print traceback from exceptions encountered in filter handlers to avoid an infinite loop.