5.4.3 PythonImport

Syntax: PythonImport module interpreter_name
Context: server config
Module: mod_python.c

Tells the server to import the Python module module at process startup under the specified interpreter name. This is useful for initialization tasks that could be time consuming and should not be done at the request processing time, e.g. initializing a database connection.

The import takes place at child process initialization, so the module will actually be imported once for every child process spawned.

Note: At the time when the import takes place, the configuration is not completely read yet, so all other directives, including PythonInterpreter have no effect on the behavior of modules imported by this directive. Because of this limitation, the interpreter must be specified explicitly, and must match the name under which subsequent requests relying on this operation will execute. If you are not sure under what interpreter name a request is running, examine the interpreter member of the request object.

See also Multiple Interpreters.