5.1.7 PythonAuthenHandler

Syntax: Python*Handler Syntax
Context: server config, virtual host, directory, htaccess
Override: not None
Module: mod_python.c

This routine is called to check the authentication information sent with the request (such as looking up the user in a database and verifying that the [encrypted] password sent matches the one in the database).

To obtain the username, use req.user. To obtain the password entered by the user, use the req.get_basic_auth_pw() function.

A return of apache.OK means the authentication succeeded. A return of apache.HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED with most browser will bring up the password dialog box again. A return of apache.HTTP_FORBIDDEN will usually show the error on the browser and not bring up the password dialog again. HTTP_FORBIDDEN should be used when authentication succeeded, but the user is not permitted to access a particular URL.

An example authentication handler might look like this:

def authenhandler(req):

    pw = req.get_basic_auth_pw()
    user = req.user     
    if user == "spam" and pw == "eggs":
        return apache.OK
        return apache.HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED

Note: req.get_basic_auth_pw() must be called prior to using the req.user value. Apache makes no attempt to decode the authentication information unless req.get_basic_auth_pw() is called.