5.4.4 PythonInterpPerDirectory

Syntax: PythonInterpPerDirectory {On, Off}
Default: PythonInterpPerDirectory Off
Context: server config, virtual host, directory, htaccess
Override: not None
Module: mod_python.c

Instructs mod_python to name subinterpreters using the directory of the file in the request (req.filename) rather than the the server name. This means that scripts in different directories will execute in different subinterpreters as opposed to the default policy where scripts in the same virtual server execute in the same subinterpreter, even if they are in different directories.

For example, assume there is a /directory/subdirectory. /directory has an .htaccess file with a PythonHandler directive. /directory/subdirectory doesn't have an .htaccess. By default, scripts in /directory and /directory/subdirectory would execute in the same interpreter assuming both directories are accessed via the same virtual server. With PythonInterpPerDirectory, there would be two different interpreters, one for each directory.

Note: In early phases of the request prior to the URI translation (PostReadRequestHandler and TransHandler) the path is not yet known because the URI has not been translated. During those phases and with PythonInterpPerDirectory on, all python code gets executed in the main interpreter. This may not be exactly what you want, but unfortunately there is no way around this.

See Also:

Section 4.1 Multiple Interpreters
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