A. Windows Installation


Notes originally created by Enrique Vaamonde [email protected]

Your mileage may vary with these instructions

You need to have the following packages properly installed and configured in your system:

You need to download both the mod_python.dll and the mod_python-x.tgz (where x is the version number) files from the main page. Once you have all the things above mentioned we're good to go.

  1. Installing mod_python libraries

  2. Integrating it with Apache

    Once the distribution file is correctly extracted and later moved into the Python directory, it's time to modify your Apache configuration (httpd.conf) and integrate the server with mod_python. These are a few steps we must do first:

  3. Testing

That's it, you're ready to roll!! If you don't see the "Hello World!" message, the next section is for you.