#TODO - this method should verify that the user indeed exists in the user #table of the auth system import TicketTool import Cookie from mod_python import apache from mod_python.util import FieldStorage ticketTool = None def handler(req): apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] calling handler() method" ) # this will only need doing once during the life of the apache child process global ticketTool if ticketTool == None: ticketTool = TicketTool.TicketTool(req) req.add_common_vars() request_uri = None # 1. check for a paramater named request_uri # 2. check for a cookie named request_uri # 3. check for a req.prev uri fields = FieldStorage(req) if fields.has_key('request_uri'): request_uri = fields['request_uri'] else: apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] no request_uri param" ) if req.prev: request_uri = req.prev.unparsed_uri apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] have a prev request_uri:" + request_uri ) else: cookies = Cookie.SimpleCookie() try: apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] cookie headers_in:" + req.headers_in['Cookie'] ) cookies.load(req.headers_in['Cookie']) request_uri = cookies['request_uri'].value #request_uri = cookies['request_uri'] apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] have a cookie request_uri:" + str(request_uri) ) except KeyError: apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] no cookies were found, what now?" ) # if nothing by here, display and error and move on with life. # it's too short if request_uri == None: apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] no request_uri could be found" ) no_cookie_error(req) return apache.OK user = '' try: user = req.subprocess_env['SSL_CLIENT_S_DN'] apache.log_error("[TicketMaster] user dn:" + user) except KeyError: apache.log_error("[TicketMaster] no SSL DN env variable!" ) display_missing_cert_screen(req, request_uri) return apache.OK result = 0 msg = '' if user: # I don't authenticate here, since the SSL layer does that # for me try: ticket = ticketTool.make_ticket(req, user) go_to_uri(req, request_uri, ticket) return apache.OK except: apache.log_error( 'could not create ticket, missing secret key?', apache.APLOG_ERR) raise #return apache.HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] no req.user, so cannot make ticket" ) display_missing_cert_screen(req, request_uri) return apache.OK def go_to_uri(req, request_uri, ticket): apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] sending refresh to browser to go here:" + request_uri) apache.log_error( "[TicketMaster] setting the following cookie:" + ticket.output(header="")) req.content_type = 'text/html' req.headers_out['Set-Cookie'] = ticket.output(header="") # the following line causes MSIE to wig out, so don't uncomment it. #req.headers_out['Refresh'] = '1;' + request_uri req.headers_out['Pragma'] = 'no-cache' req.headers_out['Cache-Control'] = 'no-cache' req.headers_out['Expires'] = '-1' #req.send_http_header() req.write(""" Successfully Authenticated

Congratulations, you have successfully authenticated

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A nice explanation about the cookie I just set would be swell

""" % request_uri) return apache.OK def display_missing_cert_screen(req,request_uri): req.content_type = 'text/html' req.write(""" Missing Entrust PKI Certificate

The page you attempted to view (%s) was protected.

Protection for this web site is based on Digital Certificate technology. You need a PKI certificate to access this portion of the website. Contact Human Resources.

""" % request_uri) def no_cookie_error(req): req.content_type = 'text/html' req.write(""" Unable to Log In

Unable to Log In

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