[mod_python] python_init errors

Jim McDonald jimmcd at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 13 23:40:03 EDT 2009

Ever since I installed /mod_python/ (3.3), Apache 2.2 launches with 
these error messages:

    1. [date-time] [error] python_init: Python version mismatch,
    expected '2.5', found '2.5.2'.

    2. [date-time] [error] python_init: Python executable found
    'C:\\Program Files\\Apache Software

    3. [date-time] [error] python_init: Python path being used
    Files\\Python\\Lib;D:\\Program Files\\Python\\DLLs;D:\\Program
    Files\\Python\\Lib\\lib-tk;;C:\\Program Files\\Apache Software

When I follow the documented set-up instructions and test the system 
with /mptest.py/ as the handler, my system passes the test, but I can't 
get any joy from /mod_python.publisher/, at all.

I've seen many posts on many sites about the first error message, but I 
haven't seen any informative reply to those posts. I don't even know if 
the problem is significant.

And I'm still struggling to achieve basic functionality in /mod_python/, 
so I wonder if this message is pointing at the problem.

As for the second, it makes no sense to me. Is it saying that it thinks 
/httpd.exe/ is python? Or what? I'd really like to know what this error is.

And the third is even less intelligible. I'm unable to find a file 
called '/python25.zip/' anywhere on my system, and there certainly isn't 
one in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\". Where in the world did Apache get the 
idea that I want that in my python path? And what is the function of the 
python path, anyway?

It looks to me as if /python_init/ (whatever that is--I presume it's 
some piece of /mod_python/ to which I have no direct access) is messed 
up. But how did it get that way? Is this the work of the post-install 
configuration business? Is it something I can fix in /httpd.conf/?

I'm presuming that there are masses of happy /mod_python/ users out 
there who are using Apache 2.2 and the usual LAMP or WAMP stack. But I 
think (judging from the forlorn cries I hear all over the web) I'm 
speaking for a pretty sizable population of frustrated would-be users 
who can't get past the the initial set-up problems.

If any of you blessed many could spare a few moments for us wretched 
few, we'd all be deeply grateful.
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