[mod_python] A newbie question

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Jun 25 18:46:28 EDT 2006

Jim Gallacher wrote ..
> Karl Kobata wrote:
> > Initial thought.  To compile and install 3.2.8, I believe needs flex
> 2.5.33
> > or newer.  RHN has flex 2.5.4.  you will need to make sure that this
> is
> > current.  
> You only need flex if you are modifying psp_parser.l (which *very* few
> people will ever do, let alone a newbie) since a copy of psp_parser.c,
> which is created by flex, is included with the source distribution.
> Configure will generate a warning if it can't find flex, or finds the
> wrong version, but as long as you don't touch psp_parser.l flex will
> never be called and you won't have a problem.
> > I would suggest when using the .configure, that options for flex,
> > python, and apxs be fully specified to insure that you know which versions
> > have be used to build mod_python.
> > 
> > It may be easier to start with what RHN provides for their servers. 
> ES
> > packages should work on AS.  The latest released for ES is python 2.3.4-14.x
> > and mod_python 3.1.3-5.x.
> > 
> > - rename or move flex, and python binaries if applicable from /usr/local/bin
> > .  if the default paths have not been modified, this directory will be
> > searched before /usr/bin.
> As stated above, you don't need to worry about flex.

Just for the record, there is one situation which you have to be mindful of.
If you check out source code from the subversion repository directly, one
can find that the src/psp_parser.c file will not have a newer time than the
src/psp_parser.l file. This is a pain if you don't have the newer version of
flex (like on Mac OS X) as it will try and rebuild the src/psp_parser.c file.
In this situation it is a simple matter of updating the time stamp on the
src/psp_parser.c file by running:

  touch src/psp_parser.c

This way it will use the src/psp_parser.c file from the repository.


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