[mod_python] Windows mod_python installation verification problem

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Subject: Windows mod_python installation verification problem


I have used the windows installer to install mod_python 3.2.8 to Apache
2.0.55.  The installer log file shows it storing files into python 2.4
library(lib) directory.  It also found the module directory of the web
server and stored mod_python.so file.  The installer completed without
giving me any error/warning messages.  It gave me a final pop-up to add the
directory directives, and reference to testing.  I have added the directory


1)       confusion on "AddHandler" directive for mod_python 3.2.8 - should
it be python-program or mod_python?

2)       in my httpd.conf I have added the following directive, then
restarted the web server.  Is the syntax for path directory correct for

 <Directory "E:\LINUX\Develop\web\ModPython">

      AddHandler python-program .py

      PythonHandler mptest

      PythonDebug On 


3)       in windows the .htaccess is not accepted, so added ht.acl file to
list under "AccessFileName" directive in the httpd.conf file.  In this file
I have added the following.  Is this all I need in the "AccessFile" found in
the same directory as the mptest.py program?

AddHandler mod_python .py

PythonHandler mptest

PythonDebug On 

AllowOverride FileInfo

4)       will there be a confusion on having both directives at the same
time?  the "Directory" directive in the httpd.conf file vs the ht.acl

5)       Does mod_python require any other files, installation, or


Note: error logs have no error information.


Please help.  I have struggled with this for several days.



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