[mod_python] Mod_python, Apache, and Mime Types.

Gray gray at lu5t.net
Fri Jun 2 09:51:28 EDT 2006


I'm having a little problem with a combination of my browser and apache 
while trying to use mod_python.

I'm running Debian stable, Apache 1.3, and mod_python 2.7. 

I'm trying to complete the initial setup test in the mod_python 
documentation, and I've followed those instructions.

When I would try to browse to http://myhost/mptest.py  my browser wants 
to download the file.  Initially I thought that mod_python just wasn't 
working, but upon downloading the file and viewing it contains:  Hello 
World!.  Mod_python is parsing and outputting correctly.

So I think it must be a mime-type issue.  I found the entry for in 
/etc/apache/mime.types to contain:

text/x-python      .py

I worked around the problem by changing said line to:

text/html         .py

And now the page is displayed correctly, in the browser, as Hello World! 

I know this can't be the right solution.  Can anyone tell me where my 
configuration is wrong?  This has proven to be a difficult problem for 
me to google.


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